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Protect your child when hiring or engaging a Santa for your Christmas Event by making certain they meet our Standards of Excellence as shown below:

Each of our Santa's is required to undergo a stringent, comprehensive National Criminal/Sex Offender Background Screening each 12 months through the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas as provided by Clearstar, a recognized leader in professional background screenings.

Each of our Santa's is required to carry Professional Entertainers Liability Insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000 of individual coverage through the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, as provided by Philadelphia Insurance, rated Superior A++. Each individual policy includes an Abuse and Molestation Clause. We can have issued to you a Certificate of Additional Insured, providing an additional layer of liability protection.

Each of our Santa's undergo periodic professional training in the art of entertaining children, some have advanced training with our special children. Our Santa's are real bearded experienced professionals. They are authentically costumed, jolly and well groomed. We are patient, punctual, reliable, love what we offer and once booked, we will not cancel you. No smoking, excessive drinking, or profanity is tolerated.

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Sleigh: 813-230-9254 call or text
All Clients will receive a recent photo of the Santa you are booking for your approval, prior to confirmation of bookings and any deposits that may be required. 

 ​​​​Are you ready for this holiday season?

Our Real Bearded Santa's are available by request.

You will enjoy complete peace of mind when you request one of our Professional Santas, all of which meet our Standards of Excellence.