We have over four dozen professional Santa's available, all of whom have been verified and recommended personally 

by Santa Bob Elkin. Each Santa and Mrs. Claus must meet our highest standards of performance excellence. 

Santa Bob Elkin has been entertaining children as a professional Santa Claus since 1993 and collecting smiles and entertaining children as Waki the Clown since 1983. 

In 2017 Santa Bob was inducted into the Santa Claus Hall of Fame the highest Honor a Santa can receive. Santa Bob Elkin is the only Santa Claus in the State of Florida who has earned his Ph.D.  a Doctorate in Santa Clausology as presented by the International University of Santa Claus, having excelled in his training and the mentoring of other Santas. Santa Bob serves as President Emeritus International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, President Palm Tree Santas (Florida’s “Sandie” Clauses), President The Santa Claus Drill Team and as Deputy Chairman Discover Santa 2016

About Real Bearded Santa's Florida


Who is the Santa you are trusting when you hand your child to this stranger? (Santa is a man in a costume, while most are jolly loving grandfathers, unfortunately there have been too many cases where perverts and pedophiles play Santa for the purpose of harming our children. The advent of all the social media sites has magnified the problem since anyone can pose as a Santa, be hired, gain entrance into your home and access to your children.

Does he have a CLEAR National Criminal/Sex Offender Background Screening?

Does he have Entertainers Liability Insurance in case of an accident/issue.

Does he belong to the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas or is he a loner that prefers to work alone…..perhaps in a veil of anonymity??


You can enjoy peace of mind that any Santa booked through this site will be a Professional real bearded Santa Claus whom we have verified meets the Standard of Excellence as detailed on the Request page of this website. 

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Our Real Bearded Santa's are available by request.

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